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Meiomi is a high style Pinot Noir that is shaped, more than anything else, by the fruit sources that lay the foundation of the blend.  A pure bred enjoyment wine, built to accommodate any pairing from food to friends.  Unifying California’s most noteworthy coastal areas opens the door for a dynamic and opulent wine that is ready to enjoy whenever you are.  

Our Vineyards

Each vineyard is chosen for its unique flavors, textures and aromas. Bucking tradition, this Pinot Noir is a blend of multiple vineyards stretching along the California coast starting from Sonoma, to Monterey, and last but not least...Santa Barbara.

Each of the vineyards within these three appellations are in Region I climates, designated by UC Davis as the optimal climate to grow this temperamental variety ...we couldn't agree more. Each unique area yields fruit that is distinct in character and style. The individual characteristics of each vineyard combine in one blend to enhance Meiomi's broad flavor profile and allow us to consistently craft a balanced Pinot Noir bursting with aromatics, mouthfeel and depth of flavor, every year, regardless of vintage.


Beginning in the most northern locales, Sonoma’s vast coastal areas, from Russian River Valley, down to Carneros, offer abundant bright berry flavors, with rose petal aromas.  A soft, mouthfilling texture comes from the cooler reaches, while the slightly warmer areas come through with more abundant tannin and mineral based earth notes.  The most amazing thing about Sonoma is the diversity of the soils and climate as you move from east to west and north to south.  There are areas of loam topsoil with sandy loam underneath that was once the bottom of the ocean; then the alluvial deposits with light clay loam on top and river bed gravel subsoil.  Some ridges peak out over the fog, while the valleys are enveloped by it, slowing the ripening process.  There are pockets of greatness all over the place making for some amazing blending wines.  The clones that we have focused on here are predominantly Dijon and Pommard.  They seem to exemplify the area with an intense concentration of fruit and minerality while maintaining a balanced acidity.  It truly creates the core of the Meiomi blend.


Sitting happily between Sonoma and Santa Barbara sits the wind and sun drenched valleys in Monterey. These vineyards tie the whole blend together, with over the top opulence and earthy qualities. Full of aromas that will make you hungry, like grilled meats and spiced, stewed berries. The wine, as a stand-alone, can be considered "too much" by some, but in a blend, the glitz and glamour of Monterey Pinot Noir shines bright. The soils here are full of sand, some light loams and strands of white, chalky calcium deposits in areas. Two things that can be relied upon at all times are the wind and the sun. These two weather components create Pinot Noir grapes with thick skins and dark, hard seeds. In winemaking, that means we have more to extract, resulting in a more textural wine with darker hues and heavier flavors. A key to the balance is the wind bring cool, coastal weather along with it, keeping the acidity in balance.

Santa Barbara

About 300 miles south of Sonoma lay the sandy loam soils of Santa Barbara. With its foggy mornings, it has long been known as California's spice box when it comes to Pinot Noir. The flavor profile we can rely upon from this area ranges from cloves, ginger and cinnamon, to candied cranberries and dry leaves on moist soil. The texture always has a supple silkiness that glides along the palette with ease. Many of the vineyards in this area were some of the first planted in California's coast and they remain in beautiful shape. Low cropping vines with thick, gnarled trunks. We prefer to work with Martini and Pommard clones from Santa Barbara as they exude that silky, spicy and sweet note. With the soils ranging from calcareous to sandy and the weather fogged in most of the summer, this area gives some great hang time and development of flavors. Come August, the Santa Ana winds come barreling through the valley from the warm interior of California to give the grapes a ripening push. Like clockwork, we can rely on Mother Nature to give us full ripeness in September.


Joseph J. Wagner is a fifth-generation winemaker from a family with farming and winemaking roots in the Napa Valley since the 1880's. In his youth, he worked many spring and summer days in the vineyard and cellar of Caymus, learning the basics from pulling leaves, to dragging hoses. Then he began to focus his efforts on what was to become his passion and career in the wine business. He has been overseeing vineyard operations and winemaking since 2002 and is now Consulting Winemaker for Meiomi. 

Philosophy & Heritage
Firmly planted roots from Napa Valley.

The name Meiomi means “coast” in the language of the native, coastal dwelling Wappo and Yuki tribes, and best pays tribute to and symbolizes the origin of this Pinot Noir.

From our first vintage, we set out with a single goal for Meiomi:  To craft a vibrant, food-friendly wine that is approachable and ready to drink upon release.  Being grown and produced with all the bells and whistles available, Meiomi is known for its quality and consistency at a reasonable price.  By blending top notch Pinot Noir from three great areas, Meiomi has become known as an approachable wine for any occasion that, at an affordable price, offers up the luxury of reliability year in and year out. It is everything a Pinot Noir should be: rich, supple, spicy and succulent.

Recipes & Pairings

What we love best is drinking good wine, eating good food and sharing a meal with good friends.  Check out our favorite foods and recipes to drink with Meiomi. Enjoy!


Point Reyes Blue: This super creamy blue cheese comes out of the gate with some full force. It is powerful, and almost too much for a wine pairing, but with Meiomi, they complement each other and bring out a wonderful sweetness.

Bellweather, San Andreas (sheep's milk): This cheese is super smooth with vibrant, almost pungent, flavors. It enlivens the palate while coating each nook and cranny with a soft and smooth texture. Meiomi Pinot Noir is perfectly suited to this cheese.

Cypress Grove, Humboldt Fog (goat's milk): This is a classic California goat cheese. It is uber creamy but retains a tangy pop. The textures work amazingly well together...creamy + creamy...and the fruit core of Meiomi is a great counterpoint to the vibrant tanginess.

2014 Tasting Notes

Pinot Noir


Meiomi Events in 2013

January 26
Pinot Days, Manhattan, NY

March 2
World of Pinot, Shell Beach, CA

April 20
Pinot Days, Chicago, IL

June 30
Pinot Days, San Francisco, CA

October 27
Pinot on the river, Healsburg, CA